Overturned 18 wheeler

11/18/2018 - Turrell Arkansas

Bayou Vista Structure Fire

9/30/2018 - Bayou Vista Subdivision

MFD was dispatched to a report of a home on fire in the Bayou Vista Subdivision.  It appears the fire started on the back porch and quickly spread to a nearby bedroom area and the kitchen.  MFD was able to get the fire under control quickly and prevented further fire spread.


9/4/2018 - Search & Rescue

Beechwood Cove - Structure Fire

9/3/2018 - Alarm 23:35

Engine 3 Responding to Smoke In Apartment

The Green's Apartments

Birdie Drive

Marion, AR

Engine 3 responding from the farthest station (3) to this location.

Cause of smoke: A plastic spoon fell on the heating element in the dishwasher.

Mutual-Aid with Crawfordsville FD

Uncle John's Restaurant in Crawfordsville Arkansas

A well known eating place in the mid-south

Kitchen Fire-Debbie Cove


2 Vehicle MVA on Highway 64 in front of Willowbend


2 Vehicle MVA on I-55 @ 14mm


Bayou Vista


Vehicle Fire I-55


Reloading Hose